About Stuff White Parents Like

Yes. I admit it. I am a white parent. And yes. This is a complete homage…enhancement…er…rip off?…of the blog Stuff White People Like. Nah, let’s just call it an addendum. That’s a good white parent word.

It should be noted that being a white parent is more a mindset than a skin color. There are plenty of non-white parents who are white parents too. Particularly in big neurotic cities and pretentious suburbs.

So, are we trashing white parents or celebrating them? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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12 responses to “About Stuff White Parents Like

  1. m@q

    Like the site … a little bit funny though…

    STUFF WHITE PARENTS LIKE: Thanks! A “little bit” is all we really shoot for anyway.

  2. Awesome site. It’s a full-blown celebration of parenthood… keep it up, please!

  3. Kash Sayles

    1. gifted programs
    2. second language training. French for many Canadian white parents, though the crazy language their grandparents spoke is good too. “Oh, Ashley can’t come for the play date at Gymboree on Saturday, she’s got Armenian class.”
    Why? So an 8 year old can learn to say “glrkmzyz” with an authentic accent?
    3. alternative schools
    4. tupperware in public, usually loaded up with celery and carrot sticks (do children actually eat that shit?)
    5. snackism. I’m pretty sure that when the progeny of the white parents reach the age where they can purchase their own snacks, that first Hostess Ding Dong will be such a shock to their system they will keel over and die on the first bite
    6. lane parties. Overmediated, faux authentic “return to the simple pleasures of life” New and improved with sushi and $50 wine

  4. “time out”…..when i was a kid we just got a whoopin’!

  5. Peanut's Semi-White Mom

    I love this…no, really, LOVE it. I can’t tell you how perfect this is, and how true it rings to a semi-white parent living in a very white-parent area just outside of a very large, diverse city.

  6. Delta

    I live on the cusp of the ghetto and the super-posh neighborhood. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. It would be even funnier if it weren’t so very, very true.

  7. Jackpot!!! Ms white parent, check out the linked artice in today’s National Post (Canada).

    The “parenting industrial complex” – I love it.

  8. Venessa

    I actually emailed the creator of Stuff White People Like, suggesting they add a section called “Stuff White Parents Like”–and was directed to your website. Perfect. And expensive strollers was number one on my mental list too!

  9. Lisa in Michigan

    In my book you have joined the ranks of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert with your equally delightful and brilliant social commentary. Your use of humor to tackle the highly flawed consumerist model of parenting is sure to do much more good than any number of internet articles or even books on the subject. You’re bound to do a whole lot of good for all those kids whose parents get the message that time is worth more than things and that the need to impress others by conspicuous consumption is never healthy.

  10. Jack

    your style of writing is no where near the original SWPL

  11. ebyates

    Great site…I myself am a white parent and embarassed at how many of your observations are dead on. 🙂 Keep up the great blog. 🙂