Dumbest Baby Name Ever! Contest

This not-so-poor unborn child needs a dumb baby name. Won’t you help?

The Best Parent Ever is better than you because they are obsessed with dumb baby names. How do we know this? Because our post from last month, “Dumb Baby Names,” continues to be our most visited page.

What is the appeal of these non-traditional, “how do you spell that, please repeat, what’s-that-about” kind of names? Who knows!

So send us your Zahara’s and Suri’s, and Haley’s and Bailey’s (pretty much any name ending in “ley” qualifies). Please submit REAL dumb names of actual children (or adults) in the comments below. Our favorite five will be submitted to readers for a vote.

First place winner receives: a real live child named after their submission.

Second place: a t-shirt.

Everyone else: glory, oh, shameless glory.

PS: The child’s gender is still unknown. But that doesn’t matter. The Best Parent Ever loves names that are unisex. So take that, Dylan, Jordan, Riley and Cameron!

Visit our new site Best Parent Ever to make your submission.


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