#20: Organic Mattresses

The white parent is better than you. To find out why (and read this post), please visit our new site: BestWhiteParentEver.com.



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7 responses to “#20: Organic Mattresses

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  2. imaG

    Lol!!!!! Good post. I sleep in oil spill 😦


  3. OMG, you guys are so freaking funny!

  4. Josh

    This blog lacks the originality and wit of stuff white people love. Where that blog joyfully wileded unsaid racist banter like a surgen wields a scaple, this blog uses it like a chain saw.

    “So take that, non-white parents putting your child on Tempur-pedics, futons, and memory foam!” SWPL always poked fun at itself and not others. Take that white blog writter.

  5. Josh – this blog just has a bigger chip on its shoulder. nbd

  6. EVD

    Eff Josh. Your blog is funny, too.

  7. Angie

    Love. it.

    Are there organic sheets to go on my baby’s organic mattress? If I use the organic sheets without said organic mattress, will the toxic evil chemicals still find their way through?