#19: Baby Sign Language

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6 responses to “#19: Baby Sign Language

  1. imaG

    lol i love the so take that!!!! this is why you’re one of the top blogs 🙂


  2. Bri

    “fallopian caviar” LMFAO
    I would make that my phrase-for-the-day if it wasn’t 7 in the evening and I didn’t work @ a library!
    {just cannot figure how to work the quip into conversation here, will write back if I figure it out}

    Those books and DVDs go like hotcakes here and of course so do the children’s books…once we shell them out we all go home to our white kids and have a glass of wine

  3. JoseOle

    This is a great post again, I have taught sign language to my kids in an effort to get them to communicate by some other means than whinning and pointing at what they want. We teach them please, more, and thank you. By the time I can get them to say Duck, Banana, or anything more complex they were both talking anyway.

  4. Maddie&livysmommie

    “Fallopian Caviar…” Brilliant! This is the black-white parent again. There is nothing I detest more than sign language. But here is how I’m better than the “non-white” parent: I had my 2 year -old sit through a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation to reassure myself that she was a little bit more genius than I had assumed. I now have documented proof that all of the books, structured play, themed parties, hand-picked peers, no TV, blood, sweat and red wine have paid for themselves ten-fold.

    My documentation will be carefully handed over to some school administrator when I convice them that my child has no business learning with children of her own age, but must be advanced to the next level.

  5. A photo of my Black son signing: http://health.discovery.com/centers/kids/babyfingers/babyfingers_02.html

    Does that make him white?

    Please advise.

  6. Jersey

    Just make sure to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS speak to the baby while signing…I heard many parents worry about a child’s speak development delay because the child rather would use ASL than talk. Always talk with the ASL and the child’s language development will continue on track.