#16: Wine

The white parent is better than you. To find out why (and read this post), please visit our new site: BestWhiteParentEver.com.



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14 responses to “#16: Wine

  1. What time of day is it socially acceptable for white parents to start drinking the wine?

    BTW, I love your blog, I’m just mad that you thought of this before I did. I thought I was a genius for coming up with it, but apparently you are the genius.

    “The right time of day to start drinking wine is pretty much the second your offspring come home from school or aftercare. Especially if they have homework. We have a system: cabernet for math, white wine for spelling, and merlot for everything else. Hey…there’s no reason white parents should have to suffer through that drudgery too!”

  2. hahaha, this is great

  3. GMC

    I came across your blog a few days ago – I love it!! As I sit here drinking a glass of wine, I can’t stop laughing. I totally get where you’re coming from. And hope that everyone else who reads it understands that it’s not about race. It’s about pop culture and parenting in 2008. Too funny!!

  4. Jane W

    White parents would like for their kids another few hundred years of the best affirmative action program ever devised.

  5. stuff college students like

    i really enjoy this blog… so true and very funny.

  6. StuffWhitePeopleLike Reader

    StuffWhitePeopleLike does it better.

  7. Kim

    Wine is good. Bud Light is good, too. 😉

  8. JoseOle

    Does Boone’s Farm count as wine? What about stuff that pours out of a box? I must be the “wrong kind” of white person :p

    “Yes. You are.”

  9. Sorry to nitpick, whiteparent,

    but it’s “Ketel One”.

    Surely nitpicking is something White Parents Like!

    “Thanks! All fixed. We’ll exchange secret white parent handshakes later. Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone.”

  10. imaG

    @ Stuffwhitepoeplelike reader- this isn’t stuffwhitepeoplelike remember that

  11. Thriller

    Didn’t stuffwhitepeoplelike already do wine? hmm…. Try harder or quit

    “Plagiarism is a wonderful white person tradition, which white parents enjoy too! But maybe you’re right. We QUIT!”

  12. Bri

    to thriller~
    White parents like wine for different reasons than white people who are not parents do; white parents need wine and drink it to show status whereas white people drink it only for status.

  13. Johann

    Sorry, I drink beer.

    2 of 16.