#13: Shopping Cart Covers

The white parent is better than you. To find out why (and read this post), please visit our new site: BestWhiteParentEver.com.



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6 responses to “#13: Shopping Cart Covers

  1. Bri

    Me again.
    Just wanted to let you know I HAD to email a coworker the link to your blog today!
    I know I should have sooner, but the first sentance of today’s blog was her all over. She is a self professed OCD that has to nearly go through a bottle of hand sanitizer a week…oh, and she is white too.

    Sorry. Can’t reply now. Still waiting for the Purell to dry.

  2. imaG

    Great post keep up the good work

    “Work?” We don’t write this. We have convinced our non-white nanny it is part of her ESL assignment.

  3. JoseOle

    This is freeking hillarious. I love it! We bought one of these with our first kid and it was such a pain in the butt we used it maybe twice. There is a whole slew of things germophobe parents can buy this is just one of them. My sister owns them all and her kids are sick more often than mine are.

  4. Oh, this is hilarious! When I first heard about this, I thought, ‘White people need to get an immune system!’

    I will soon be posting something about how Desis (Indians) find white people hilarious for just this reason.


  5. knitty

    very funny. i got two of these as gifts. most useful for propping up my kid before he was big enough to sit in the seat. You’ll be happy to know that the same bottle of purell I had on hand at his bris will be available for guests at his first birthday party as it has hardly been used. I love your blog!

  6. Johann

    Oh, good Lord, if you’re THAT worried about cooties, don’t take the kid shopping.

    1 for 13.