#10: Play Dates

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  1. Bri

    This is the first post I have read, got your link from stuffwhitepeoplelike. It’s very funny and I plan to read the rest of your posts after I drop you this line.
    I wanted to give you some encouragement
    (and your husband too- read his when I saw the link on yours- I hope for both of you that you get 2000 hits soon! 😉

    STUFF WHITE PARENTS LIKE: 2000 hits? All he cares about is the big 10k…and we all know why.

  2. This is a cool site-although it is a small source of worry for me at this point: Am I way too White???

    I actually plan large play dates-twice a year @ our house. We always invite everyone who signs up for the “Friendship Tree”.

    The first one I planned was a Backyard Play & Pizza Date…1 hours of free playtime in the back yard, then 45 minutes of organized games, capped off with pizza and all natural fruit juices.

    The other one was a Movie Date. The children got to vote on which movie would be seen from a list of three. The movie began @ 5 sharp. We served popcorn and (of course) all natural fruit juices.

    This year we’re doing a “Bubble Date”…I am setting up the big bubble maker in the back yard and then providing the small hand held bubble blowers for all the guests. Of course there will be pizza and all natural fruit juices-LOL!

    STUFF WHITE PARENTS LIKE: Yes, you are officially way too white. See you at the next sale at Nordstroms!

  3. No, no, you’ve got it all wrong. We schedule the play dates because we live in “transitional” neighborhoods that allow us to enjoy our urban lifestyle and deride the suburbanites for their lack of diversity, but, like, no way can we let our kids play with the urchins who live near us or send them to the neighborhood school.

  4. Johann

    1 for 10.

    This is sad, folks.