#9: Cell Phones for Children

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6 responses to “#9: Cell Phones for Children

  1. OK-Wait….

    I am SO Black that I sport an afro. When I got my six year old son a cell phone (which can only dial, paternal grandma, maternal grandma, daddy’s cell phone, mommy’s cell phone, and the Po Po)-my WHITE neighbor got angry and yelled at me.

    Yes-she actually yelled at me.

    I later found out that it’s because THEY can’t afford to get their nine year old daughter a cell phone.

    ….So, this may mean these are the “wrong” sort of White people.

  2. I find that hard to believe. How would the parents pay for the cell phones?

    How many Black ghetto children do you know? I am Black and I don’t know any.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, I know a 7 year old girl with one and I was shocked. I didn’t think that was a common thing until I read this post. I received my 1st cell my senior year of H.S.

  4. Alicia

    There is also a SIM call reader that allows you read your children’s SIM card and determine who they are calling.

    Also, you can get a specially configured cell phone that allows you to listen in on pre-teen Ava’s calls on her cell phone.

    My friend, Heidi, tells me there’s a whole industry for spying on your kids, centered around cell phones.

    Ahhhh, a kindred spirit. Please give my best to Ava and Heidi — but only if you use their kids cellphones.

  5. Johann

    What does ANY kid under the age of at least 15 need with a cell phone?!

    1 for 9.