#8: Faux Retro Childhoods

The white parent is better than you. To find out why (and read this post), please visit our new site: BestWhiteParentEver.com.



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3 responses to “#8: Faux Retro Childhoods

  1. Alison

    These are SOO funny! I am so guilty of all of these and I’m black! LOL

  2. “white parent can instead spend a small fortune for this same exact information in any number of Dangerous Boys and Daring Girls books”

    Er since when is $15 considered a small fortune? I mean have you bought a book in the last five years, because that’s pretty standard. For example: The official boy scout handbook is currently marked down to $19.99 on Amazon.

  3. Johann

    Are people out there REALLY this pretentious?!

    1 for 8.