#6: Ridiculous 1st Birthday Parties

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4 responses to “#6: Ridiculous 1st Birthday Parties

  1. Love it!

    STUFF WHITE PARENTS LIKE: No, love YOU for reading our blog! (White parents are always very grateful — thank you cards are on the way.)

  2. Natalia

    Hilarious! My sister did the big blow up play gym thingy for my nieces 3rd and pro face painter thing for my niece’s 4th. Granted the blow up play gym thingy was borrowed from her friend who does the petting zoo on her acreage for kids birthday. Ridiculous! When I have kids I’ll give them forts out of fridge boxes and let them eat glue.

  3. Johann

    I think lavish 1st birthday parties are stupid. Like a 1-year-old really cares about ponies and bounce houses.

    1 for 6.

  4. LMS

    Ha!!! I had a big blow-out for my son’s 1st bday. Huge summer bday party in a canopy at the local parks system. 80 guests (no specialty cake though – just a regular Elmo cake from the grocery store). (But then again, I am not white. But hubby is – does that count?!). We we had his 2nd at an animal learning center place for kids…..so yeah, animals.