#3: Non-White Nannies

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3 responses to “#3: Non-White Nannies

  1. Stick Figure People LOVE non-white nannies.

    That’s great, because a non-white nanny actually drew those stick figures.

  2. rowan

    Back in the eighties, it was young white nannies from such remote places as Minnesota and Iowa. Fresh off the farm, one year of college under their belt was the “elite” status symbol. In the nineties, it was “my young midwest nanny who cost me an $800 dollar placement fee has to leave early tonight for her community college class, we are so proud of her for wanting to finish her degree”.

    And so true that whole part of the family until the kid ages out or the nanny irons the children’s underwear wrong. Then, the nanny is let go, all her stuff is placed in the foyer of the NYC apartment building and the doorman is calling her a cab.

  3. Johann

    Like I can afford a nanny.

    0 for 3.