#1: $1000 Strollers


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4 responses to “#1: $1000 Strollers

  1. semi-white mom

    If you find that you can’t splurge on the $1,000 Bugaboo stroller and matching accessories, you can at least try to show whiteness by spending $300 or so on a Britax carseat. They seem to be THE carseat to have among the white parents I know. Most buy two Britax seats – one for each car, even though Dad rarely goes anywhere with the kid.

    STUFF WHITE PARENTS LIKE: This will probably be a future post… although resourceful Dads everywhere realize that they can turn that extra Britax seat into a cooler for beer.

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  3. don’t forget the carseats..they go crazy over the proper car seat…in a car seat til what age?

    At least until 18. Maybe even 21. Yes, we know it’s hard to drive and reach the steering wheel from a 5-point-harness Britax in the backseat, but at least he will be safe. And won’t his future girlfriends appreciate his concerns for safety?

  4. Johann

    $1000 for a stroller?! I about pooped myself when my wife brought home a $150 stroller.

    0 for 1 for this white parent.